Where To Eat Out With Kids In Harrogate

[Updated Oct 2023] You are always spoilt for choice for somewhere to eat out in Harrogate. There are currently 264 restaurants listed on trip advisor, that’s almost one for every day of the year. Harrogate is known for its eating out scene, however, if you’re looking for somewhere nice to go in the evening, with kids in tow, things can be a little trickier so I’ve compiled a list of restaurants in Harrogate, which cater well for children without the adults having to compromise.

The ‘Best Value’ One

If you’ve followed us for a while you’ll know the Curious Cow is one of our favourite haunts. 

Some of the adult mains are a little pricey in my opinion but the food is delicious and there’s always great service. 

However after doing much research into children’s meals I really think their menu offers the best value around. 3 courses and a drink is under £10! 

See you all there?! 

Read more about the Curious Cow here.

The ‘Italian’ One

Al Bivio on Hornbeam Park is popular with families if you’re wanting a fantastic Italian feast, the children’s menu includes a main, pudding and a drink for £9.95

The ‘Hungry’ One

Cattlemens is also a firm favourite of ours and a fantastic child friendly restaurant in Harrogate. If you haven’t tried their ribs, you need to…immediately. 

Portion sizes are great here so if you’re extra hungry this is the place for you. 

Their kids menu is a tiny £5.75 for a main and dessert. 

The ‘Posh’ One

William and Victoria or ‘Will & Vics’ to the locals is a longstanding local restaurant which is as old as me (and that’s pretty old) and unlike some fancy restaurants, happily caters for kids. 2 children’s courses are only £8.95! 

The ‘Thai’ One

After a recent visit to the Giggling Squid I had to add it to this list too.

They offer 2 small plates for £7.99 which includes a side of rice. Add prawn crackers for £1.99 and all the desserts are £1.99 too. Caramel and Chocolate lollipop? Don’t mind if I do!

That’s fantastic value, especially for somewhere where there isn’t a chicken nugget in sight.

To read more about my visit click here.

The ‘Greek’ One

Mykonos Bar and Grill has some amazing reviews on TripAdvisor, but we are yet to visit! Looking at the children’s menu it’s nice to see that there are some Greek dishes to choose from so they can try new things. A lot of kids menus always offer the same things. 

A children’s main course and desert is £8.95. 

The ‘Vegan’ One

One of the newest places to eat in Harrogate is the Cosy Club who have an extensive menu for both adults and children and probably have the best vegan selection for kids, as well as breakfast and brunch options. All their children’s mains are £6.25 and their puddings range from £3.50 to £4.25. 

The ‘Mediterranean’ One 

Oliveta is another restaurant in Harrogate with amazing TripAdvisor reviews. Kids can have a main dessert and a drink for £8. And if your child is slightly more adventurous than mine, they could even try the calamari! 

I hope that helps when trying to decide where to eat in Harrogate with kids. This by all means is not a full list of all the child friendly restaurants in Harrogate, if there’s anywhere that you think should be on the list let me know! 

*Please note price are correct at time of posting. I try to check and update regularly.

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