The Best Vegan Food in Harrogate

Featuring 10 tried and tested restaurants in Harrogate offering the best vegan and vegetarian dishes. (Updated 2023)

Where are the best places to eat in Harrogate if you are Vegan? This is a question I get asked a lot so I thought it would be worth asking some local friends and followers who are vegan for their opinions and where they rate highly in Harrogate. I love having other people’s input on the blog so if you have a favourite vegan friendly restaurant in Harrogate, I’d love to know.

There are more and more restaurants that are adapting their menus to delight customers by making meat-free food available. Having these culinary offerings is not only a plus for anyone who is vegetarian or vegan in Harrogate, it allows health-conscious and ethical individuals to enjoy them too. As a rule of thumb a lot of Thai and Chinese restaurant cater very well for vegan dietary requirements. So here are the top places offering vegan and vegetarian dishes in Harrogate as rated by my friends and followers.

The Giggling Squid

The place that came out the top by far was The Giggling Squid, apparently their spring rolls are to die for. It’s somewhere that I still haven’t been yet, although it’s very Instagrammable. It’s on my ‘to-try’ list for sure. UPDATE: I’ve finally been! Read more about it here.


Another place that ranked highly was Zizzi’s. People highly recommend the vegan pizza that apparently actually has nice mozzarella on it not like the normal vegan cheese that you normally find and I just love the look of their rainbow lasagne.


Jesper’s was another favourite and I concur with this one. It’s a cosy little café restaurant on Station Parade just opposite the Everyman Cinema (who by the way also do amazing vegan pizzas!). It’s always busy in Jesper’s which I think speaks volumes.

Farm Bistro

The Farm Bistro on Oxford Street offers a fantastic selection of vegan options and is a little hidden away but that just makes it even more of a hidden gem. It’s just a small entrance door which leads you upstairs to the restaurant.


And finally in the spotlight is NJ’s (Nutrition Joes). With being underneath a gym you would expect NJ’s to offer healthy and nutritious food. There is a great selection of vegan breakfast and brunch options as well as smoothies and juices.

That’s certainly not all the options of vegan friendly restaurants in Harrogate, we have so many eateries here the list is almost endless, however these were the tried and tested, top rated. Some other great options that were mentioned were Konak Meze, Papas, Gron and Farmhouse which are all fantastic Harrogate independents. 

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I’d like to give a big shout out to everyone that helped me put this together, especially Kate and Ella.

Where in Harrogate serves your favourite vegan dishes?

2 thoughts on “The Best Vegan Food in Harrogate

  1. As a vegan myself I’ve tried all the places mentioned and they are all pretty good, we’re spoilt for choice in Harrogate (vegans) the Cambridge cafe isn’t a fancy place but consistently great tasting food and a huge vegan menu and have been rated 5 on hygiene for years .. cardamom black also has an extensive vegan menu, Farmhouse, yo sushi, and there’s an amazing newish place (takeaway or delivery) which blew our minds with their fresh delicious vegan food “ichi sushi” on Leeds road.. then there’s Wagamama, all bar one, So bar, and again takeaway or delivery I am Doner.. yep the list goes on.. it’s so easy being vegan in Harrogate🙏💚

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