The Harrogate Street Art Trail

Queen Elizabeth II street art in harrogate. Be Kind

Download the Harrogate street art trail for free and follow the map to see some of Harrogate’s most iconic street art.

In recent years Harrogate has slowly been gaining some great pieces of street art. Some of them are definitely here to stay whilst others may come and go.

This list follows the trail sheet and gives some directions to help you find them all. Download it or read below for all the inside info.

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Harrogate Street Art Trail

1. Queen Elizabeth II

Tucked away on a side street just next to Hoxton North coffee shop you’ll find the first piece of Harrogate street art.

At the time of writing the late Queen is telling you to ‘Dream Big’ but in the past she also been telling us to’ Be Kind’ and that ‘Love Wins’. What knowledge will she imparting on us next?

Who is responsible for the art? and who changes the slogans? The truth is, even after a lot of research, I don’t know! (Please let me know if you can fill me in on the secret)

From here you’ll need to head up Montpellier Hill towards Betty’s where you’ll find the next 3 on the trail…

2. The Postcard From Harrogate

The postcard from Harrogate is a living photo frame inspired by a garden in Innsbruck, Austria.

The frame was originally exhibited at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show in 2011. Students from Harrogate College carpentry and joinery built the frame.

Take a seat, snap away and create your own, unique Harrogate Postcard.

From here head to your right, away from Bettys…

3. Tour De France Tree Carving

It shouldn’t be too hard to spot this one. Standing proud in the gardens on Montpellier Hill you’ll see the fantastic tree carving to celebrate when the Tour de France came to Harrogate.

On the 5th & 6th of July 2014 the Tour de France began in Yorkshire. The first stage started in Leeds, made its way to Skipton and then travelled through the Yorkshire Dales National Park passing along Wharfedale, Wensleydale and Swaledale, before heading to Harrogate.

I absolutely love the intricately carved mini Eiffel Tower!

Head up to the top of Montpellier Hill to find number 4….

4. Caryl Hallett Stained Glass

This stained glass artwork was created by local artist Caryl Hallett and donated to Harrogate Borough Council to celebrate the town hosting the Yorkshire Grand Depart of the Tour de France in 2014.

I took my photos on a sunny spring day but this one is actually better viewed on an evening when it is backlit.

From here cross the road (best to use the crossing outside Bettys as it’s a busy road) and head up James Street…

5. Hallmark Murals

In the alleyway between Lakeland and the Cosy Club you’ll find these 4 murals brightening up an otherwise dull space.

They were designed and delivered by Hallmark thanks to Harrogate Business Improvement District.

These works of art by Hallmark depict the four seasons in Harrogate…I can tell which one is winter but I’m not sure about the rest. What do you think?

Keep walking up James Street, the next (and probably my favourite) is on the left just after Monsoon..

6. Mural Minded – Welcome to Harrogate

You can’t miss this one can you?

This is the first of two pieces of art by local artist Sam Porter of Mural Minded. You can find more of his work at number 10 on the Harrogate Street Art Trail, at Starling Bar on Oxford street, the staircase to nowhere in Knaresborough and at The Great Yorkshire Showground.

A big thank you again to Harrogate BID for commissioning such a beautiful piece of art to cheer up another one of Harrogate’s alleyways and also to Harrogate Borough Council for dropping the bollards that used to block the flowers under the Welcome to Harrogate sign.

From here follow James Street to the end, past Mama Doreen’s and cross the road to the former Habitat store (if you’re old enough to remember!)

7. Station Parade Selfie Spots

I don’t know what to call these because there’s not much information about them and I think they aren’t that well known as you don’t see much of them on socials.

So here’s your challenge…take a photo in front of your favourite and tag us in @theharrogatefam using hashtag #HarrogateStreetArtTrail

Start heading to Cambridge Place (follow station parade towards the bus station and make a left by Cafe Nero towards M&S) to see the next piece of art…. or is it 9 pieces?

8. The Harrogate Letters

Again with thanks to Harrogate BID and also Artizan International. These mosaic letters are so clever, each one is made by differently-able artizans.

While you are finding your way around the Harrogate Art Trail why not pop into their cafe next to McDonalds or visit their shop on Oxford Street? We are big fans of Artizan International’s work, if you follow our Instagram you might have seen me trying my hand at being a barista there a couple of months ago.

I love that they give a nod to all things Harrogate, from the cherry blossoms, our spa heritage, the fantastic shopping and of course.. the Tour de France. Maybe this should have been titled the tour de France art trail? I promise Harrogate isn’t just famous for thebike race. I have written a full blog about What Harrogate is famous for.

Follow Cambridge Place along to the Harrogate Theatre and turn left at the bottom. This time you’ll have to look low, rather than high.

9. Brass Theatre Art

OK don’t judge me but this is another piece of Harrogate Street Art with very little information apart from it was installed in 1999. I love it however and had to include it in the trail.

I think it’s looking well since it has been walked over in one of the busiest pedestrianised streets in Harrogate for almost 25 years!

Keep heading along Oxford Street, past McDonalds and the Halifax, down the hill and to the right..

10. Mural Minded

Sam Porter has done another incredible job at cheering up the former Debenhams storefront on Parliament Street. I fear that this one won’t last forever but hopefully the painted boards can be moved and showcased elsewhere.

That’s it folks!

Did you find them all?

Did you see any more interesting pieces of art we should add to the trail?

Let me know what you think and I’d love to see your pictures; be sure to tag us @theharrogatefam or use the #HarrogateStreetArtTrail

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